All the wood body works has been made by

Maurizio Martinucci 

April 2015

Total body stripping

May 2015


May 2015

Rear trunk

June 2015

Side panels and floor pan

July 2015

Front chassis and rear bonnet

August 2015

Gullwing doors

September 2015

Front windscreen and door panels

November 2015

Central tunnel

Dicember 2015

Rear wheel archs, dashboard and front bonnet alignment

January 2016

Front bonnet and rear lights panel

February 2016

First body assembly, rear lights and instruments

Dicember 2016

Front bonnet reinforcements, front lights fixing and wheel archs

January 2017

Body filler and sanding

February 2017

Preparation and priming with gelcoat

March 2017

Car body painting

April 2017

Final details

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