Marcos historic photos - The Revs Insitute

The earliest Marcos Cars - Historic Marcos Register

Colin Chapman Museum #1 - Marcos

Colin Chapman Museum #2 - Frank Costin history

Marcos Xylon engine - Ford Anglia 105E

Frank Costin history - The wooden wonder

Jackie Stewart debut - Charterhall Race Track

Dennis Simanaitis article - Woodman, ply that tree

The Mosquito DH98 airplane - de Havilland Aircraft Museum

Historical information on industry and manufacturing in Britain - Grace's Guide

The Marcos designers - Dennis Adams & Peter Adams

Ford race engine specialist: Throbnozzle Racing

Britain’s Aerodynamic Pioneers - Frank Costin and Malcolm Sayer

Another Marcos car - Marcos Mantula

 Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust - Charterhall Airfield 

Ford Sidevalve Based Specials Ford Special

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